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International Night

At EBS we have a diverse culture. International night is an opportunity for students and their families to share and experience various ethnic backgrounds.  It’s an evening to hear stories and legends, sample new dishes, listen to exotic music and see traditional attire from different countries.  Last year, EBS celebrated its first International Night exhibiting over 17 countries including, Russian, Taiwanese,  Japanese, Israeli,  Mandarin,  Punjabi, Mexican,  Swiss, English, Korean,  European, Middle Eastern,  Indian,  Vietnamese, Philippines and  German .  The evening was amplified with both enthusiasm and curiosity as students and family members displayed artifacts important to them at their own booth.  Aromas from different foods filled the air and interactive activities such as making crafts kept all entertained along with a contest on who visited the most country booths and got their passports stamped.  We can’t forget the parade across the stage as our students pranced across the stage wearing traditional clothing, and hearing where everyone is from.  If you would like to be involved with the committee or wish to have a booth, please contact Gail Faber at president@ebs-afp.org<mailto:president@ebs-afp.org>

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