STEM = Science.Technology.Engineering.Math

Enriching our children's minds - think, problem solve, and communicate with the world while having fun doing it! 


*Questions on STEM related programs, Computer class and registration information or interested in volunteering: Contact Nancy Ferreira (


Information for Astronomy Night:

What is it?
The San Diego Astronomy Association will be setting up telescopes in our school on November 28th, 2017

When and where is it?
Telescope set up at 4:30 pm in the playground
Sunset at 4:45 pm
Darkness at approx 5:00 pm
Ends at 7:30 pm
What can I see?
There is a waxing half moon that night which will definitely be the highlight of the evening with close up views of the craters.
Depending on what time you come, the following may be visible.
- Venus
- Mars
- Cassiopeia
- Pegasus
- Cygnus (Northern Cross)
- Do not bring any flash lights, glow sticks etc. the area must be kept as dark as possible for the best viewing.
- If you must use your phone, please step away from the area as the lights from the screen are too bright.
- Do feel free to ask questions the astronomers are here to help everyone to learn about and explore the night sky.
- Do not "play" in the playground as we are using it for astronomy night.
This event is dependent on the weather and cloud cover that evening. Confirmation/Cancellation will be sent out a day before.



After School STEM Classes at EBS Technology Academy: ROOM 307  


Meet other EBS Penguins and learn about the Technology World together! @EBSTech


Last day for enrollment: Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Session III starts the week of April 16th, 2018

STEM Session III Enrollment Packet

(Please submit payment and all completed forms to the front office: Attn: Nancy Ferreira or Ms. Martin in Room 307)





Your child is in SAY... No problem! You can still register for the for classes


Normal class schedule:

  • M/Tu/W/F: 3:30-4:30 PM
  • Th: 12:40-1:40 & 1:45-2:45 PM
  • Make-up day for Session III: Tuesday, May29th


Exceptions to listed schedules:

  • 1/2 days : 12:40-1:40PM & 1:45-2:45PM
  • ONE Make-up day: You'll have an opportunity to make up your missed class on during the make-up day following the end of each session (see calendar posted)
  • Syllabus will be available in class with actual class dates of each week, including the "make-up" day, to accomodate school calendar
  • No refund will be issued for missed classes 


Course Description:

After School STEM Class Flyer (printable version)


1. Keyboarding

(Grades: 1st - 5th)


Become an expert in typing. You will also learn to use applications such as Office 365 and Google. Learn typing techniques and practice 30 minutes everyday so you can type 20+ words per minute!


2. Multimedia/Penguins YouTube Channel

(Grades: TK - 5th)


Learn to record, create, direct, and present videos and slideshows.
You will learn presentation skills, record mini sessions and create the final master video that consists of all mini sessions. This class is all about YOU! The final master video will be posted on a private account such as the EBS YouTube (Penguins YouTube) or EBSTech Twitter that you can share with your Penguin friends.



(Grades: 2nd - 5th) Prerequisite: Proficient in


Learn to “create stories, games, and animations”. Lessons on how to make loops, use variables, construct conditionals. You will understand intricate ways to build story, game, or animation. You will have access to millions of projects others have built so you can share your own creation and see other possibilities in the world of scratch. You will complete more complicated projects as your skills increase.


4. Think Programming with

(Grades: 1st - 5th)


Learn problem solving skills and understand basic programming concepts by making your own story, building your own app, creating computer art. Speak in code and think in logical sequence. As you get better, you move on the next level, the Hour of Code, where you can work in Star Wars, Minecraft, Frozen, Flappy Bird, or Play Labs environment.


5. Python and Coding with Penjee and CodeCombat

(Grades: 3rd - 5th) Prerequisite: Proficient in SCRATCH


Learn Python and other programming language visually with Penjee. Python is a stepping stone into the programming world.


6. Intro to Coding with Kodable    NEW this year!

(Grades: TK - 2nd)


Designed for young Penguins: Learn programming concepts through game play. Develop critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills through coding steps and working with your peers.