Don't forget to schedule your Child's Birthday Waddle. The schedule is filling up fast - don't be left out. Your yard and walkway will be adorned with 16 adorable EBS Penguins and a Happy Birthday sign.
Contact John Cary at 
johndcary@gmail.com to be added to the schedule. 




11778 Cypress Canyon Rd

San Diego, CA 92131

AFP Phone: 858-208-3355

EBS Office: 858-693-8593

EBS Fax: 858-693-3604


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Board PositionNameEmail


Gail Faber president@ebs-afp.org

Vice President

Nina Salinas
Fundraising Lydia Hwang-Vosovic fundraising@ebs-afp.org
Vann Tran
Atousa Monjazeb

Treasurer: Reimbursement

Irina Patseva treasurer@ebs-afp.org
Past President Nancy Ferreira nancyebs2014@gmail.com

Treasurer: Deposit
Anne Nguyen aknguyen31@gmail.com


Erin Gizzo eringizzo@yahoo.com
Spirits and Events Rae Peterson events@ebs-afp.org
Auditor Seema Moorjani seemakulkarni@yahoo.com
Farmers Market Admin Nina Salinas farmers_market@ebs-afp.org
Member at Large Sujata Ramchandran sujata_ramchandran@yahoo.com
Member at Large Dave Perkins dkperky@aol.com
Teacher Representative Nicole Wickenhiser nwickenhiser@sandi.net
Teacher Representative Anna Leighty aleighty@sandi.net


5th Grade Promotion Rashmi Anantha rashmi_anantha@yahoo.com
5th Grade Promotion Priscilla Corcoran eguang_2000@yahoo.com
Baking Committee Jacey Wiesbrock jaceyandmark@gmail.com
Book Fair Sujata Ramchandran sujata_ramchandran@yahoo.com
Book Fair Melissa Perkins miles.paloma.perkins@gmail.com
Box Tops Kelly O'Day Kelly.oday24@gmail.com
Character Education Mare Mountain maremazuryk@hotmail.com
Character Education - Food Drive    
Character Education - Fifth Grade Donna Mirabella dmirabella@gmail.com
Character Education - Fifth Grade Monika Wimmer monika.wimmer@gmail.com
EAR Cindy Thomas cindyjt09@gmail.com
EBS Idol Jim Ellis ebsidol2015@gmail.com
EBS Idol Nhung Nguyen ebsidol2015@gmail.com
Fall Festival Leyla Leatherwood leylaleatherwood@gmail.com
Fall Festival S.Auction Reena Dayal reenadayal@aol.com
Family Science Night Gail Faber gail@gailfaber.com
Father Daughter Dance Alice Sestok alicesestok@hotmail.com
Fine Artists Connie Hanks cyhanks71@yahoo.com
Fine Artists Supplies Sharon Black jasmony@gmail.com
Gift Cards Kristine Duke kduke1@sandi.net
Hand Tiles Cherin Aguilar caguilar2@sandi.net
Jog-a-Thon Monika Wimmer monika.wimmer@gmail.com
Jog-a-Thon Robyn Flint robyn_flint@yahoo.com
Jog-a-Thon Sponsorship Lydia Hwang Vosovic lydiavosovic@gmail.com
Jog-a-Thon Sponsorship Vann Tran vanntransd@yahoo.com
Jog-a-Thon Sponsorship Atousa Monjazeb fundrasing@ebs-afp.org
Kindergarten Playgroup Pricilla Corcoran eguang_2000@yahoo.com
Mother Son Event Kristeen Evans kristeen.evans@gmail.com
Operation Penguin John Cary johndcary@gmail.com
Restaurant Fundraisers Emma Slattery emma.slattery@yahoo.com
Run Club Janice Hartung janice@hartung.com
SRCA Liz Sloan lsloan@sandi.net
Spirit Wear Sarah Miller ksjm_miller@yahoo.com
STEM Nancy Ferreira nancyebs2014@gmail.com
STEM Janet Martin jmartin1@sandi.net
SuperPledge Lydia Hwang-Vosovic fundraising@ebs-afp.org
SuperPledge Vann Tran vanntransd@yahoo.com
Super Dads Nancy Ferreira


Web Master - Admin Kathie Foley kathiefoley@yahoo.com
Web Master - Admin Nancy Ferreira nancyebs2014@gmail.com
Welcoming Rany McAllister ranymcallister@gmail.com/a>
Yearbook Alice Sestok alicesestok@hotmail.com
Yearbook Debra Toth debra.toth@tothgrp.com.com